100 Steam Beta Key Raffle – Riptale


Giveaway Raffle Hosted by Indie DB.

Riptale Will Be Released on Steam on April 27th. Enter the Raffle to Win a Steam Beta Key to Play the Game Before it is Released!

To Enter the Raffle, Click the "JOIN GIVEAWAY" Button at the Top of This Post AND on the Linked Website. At the End of the Competition, Winners Will Be Notified via Email or You Can Check Your Prizes Here. For More Information About Riptale Head to Their Steam Store Page Here.

Developed by Super God, This Title Features Full Controller Support and is Only Playable in Single-player Mode. Riptale is a 2D Action Game Aiming to Make Sword Combat as Bloody and Impactful as Possible. The Player Collects Gems That Allow You to Execute Different Attacks (powered by arcane gems) in the Order of Your Choosing. All This Results in a Symphony of Combos. Happy Gaming and Good Luck!


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