1000 Keys For Mixed Pack = 21 Game Pack Per Key


1000 Winners Will Receive Mixed Pack Steam Key

Each Key Awards The Following Games:

  1. Attrition: Nuclear Domination
  2. Deadly Profits
  3. Devils Share
  4. Dungeons Of Kragmor
  5. Forsaken Uprising
  6. Galactic Hitman
  7. Gnarltoof's Revenge
  8. Krog Wars
  9. Medieval Mercs

  10. Mini Attack Submarine

  11. Operation: Global Shield

  12. Paranormal Psychosis

  13. Starship: Nova Strike

  14. Temper Tantrum

  15. The Decimation of Olarath

  16. The Slaughtering Grounds

  17. Winged Knights: Penetration

  18. Withering Kingdom: Arcane War

  19. Withering Kingdom: Flurry Of Arrows

  20. Wyatt Derp

  21. Wyatt Derp 2: Peacekeeper

1000 Keys For Mixed Pack = 21 Game Pack Per Key Discussion: 17

      1. İf You have’d gaved me permission to post more cool giveaway’ ( Raffles ect ) , this site was groy up in no time. i had cool giveaways in my mind to post, but its all fall in to water cuz of that rule about that count limit Like Dead Rising 2 DOOM Ect…

        1. You Know How Cluttered This Site Would Be Just Posting a Mass Amount of Raffles? I Already Have Members Telling Me it is Hard to Find Available Instant Grab Giveaways Because of the Deals on the Front Page.

  1. Raffle Hosted by Loot Toot and Digital Homicide

    Until We Fix the Random Picture for Contests, Please Just Choose a Game From the List and Post the Steam App ID Number on the Form, Please and Thank You! 🙂

        1. i Have actually lots of cool game keys but this site dosen’t allow to post because of 1 or 10 or 20 key Minimum is 50 key but i think thats totally nonsense a key is a key it dosent matter 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 its still a giveaway Right? thats what i said but they wouldn’t listin.

          1. We Do Not Focus on the Small Raffles Because There are Too Many of Them and 40k People in a 1 Key Raffle, You Really Have No Chance to Win. Gleam Raffles Can Also Be Manipulated, We Have Spoken About This Before.

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