20,000 Steam Key Giveaway – Horror Hospital Discussion: 59

    1. This Giveaway Appears to be Working. Although Takes Awhile to Load. Click Reload Twice Fast. Sometimes it Takes a Few Tries, But Only Click it Twice Fast. It Should Start Loading.

  1. Instructions (Problems & Solutions):

    Clear Browser Cookies to Avoid Duplicate Keys!
    If the Key Does Duplicate, Try Refreshing the Page.

    Make Sure You Sign Into Your Gmail Account First!

    Problem: Error establishing a database connection
    Solution: Click Reload Twice Fast

    Problem: 0 KEY
    Solution: Click Claim Again

    Problem: Something’s wrong. Please contact web admin or try again later.
    Solution: Reload the Page and/or Click the Task Link Again

    You Tube Subscription Tasks: View –> http://imgur.com/a/NvhsB
    After Clicking “Verify” For the YouTube Subscription Tasks, Please Reload the Page Again.

    Please Note – You May Need to Click the YouTube Subscription Link as Referenced Above and Click “Verify” Again

  2. Do you can help me ….

    My problem is:
    I cent load site ….. sometimes site is load and i go to register…… and i type passvord and email im not been registred on thise site but i get this

    That email address is already taken, sorry.

    HOW ………..

      1. i make all this but 14/15 wtf …..

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        1. Did You Like Your YouTube Account? I Found it Best to Log Into Gmail Firt Then Link to YouTube. There Should Be a Link Button For YouTube at the Top of the Links in a Red Format, Left Hand Side.

            1. This Seems to Happen Often With DK. They Say on the Site to Clear Cookies to Prevent Dupe Keys, But it Did Not Work For Me. Although I Only Got One Duplicate.

    1. It Works and You Need to Be Patient. I Just Logged Onto the Site. It Took Awhile to Load, but it Does Work. You Need to Be Patient With it and Do Not Expect Quick Magical Loading Times. Sorry, but the Game is Still Free So You Just Have to Deal With it. Thanks! 🙂

  3. dopekeys.com is basted in the Netherlands and will respond better if you use VPn and fake your location to say Norway
    WinterKathy although we appreciate the gesture of you wanting to share your site it is full of bugs and don’t like to load outside of the Netherlands

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