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  1. Message From BundleStars:

    Thank you for all of your entries! This contest is now closed.
    Lichdom Battlemage Steam Keys will be sent to the 50,000 winners on the 28th March 2017 via email.

    1. Um… you ban/mute(i don’t know how this site works) the ones who spam their linkm right?

      Like Mr. “drake dh” who don’t have manners.

      Whatever, i don’t why people really want this game… reviews on steam say it doesn’t worth the money and that the gameplay is repetitive. + this game was ina bundle for 2 euro…

            1. The thing is… this don’t work if the one who press your link already joined the giveaway and im sure that NOBODY will look at comments before they join the giveaway ^^ so all these comments are pointless.

                    1. It is Hosted by BundleStars and They are Global. They Usually Have These Types of Raffles. It is Very Well Promoted.

                    2. And yeah, only youtubers “could” use this method. I can’t deny that i didn’t informed my friend with my refferal link… but everytime i inform that lazy bastard when is a good free game, so i worth it ^^

                    3. I Have Entered Their Raffles Before at 50,000 Keys. And Never Won Anything, so We Will See. But I Do Hope You Are Right About Winning, Although it Seems Unlikely.

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