50/50 Random Steam Key: Space Crusade -OR- Chowderchu Discussion: 57

  1. Instructions (Problems & Solutions):

    Clear Browser Cookies to Avoid Duplicate Keys!
    If the Key Does Duplicate, Try Refreshing the Page.

    Make Sure You Sign Into Your Gmail Account First!

    Problem: Error establishing a database connection
    Solution: Click Reload Twice Fast

    Problem: 0 KEY
    Solution: Click Claim Again

    Problem: Something’s wrong. Please contact web admin or try again later.
    Solution: Reload the Page and/or Click the Task Link Again

    You Tube Subscription Tasks: View –> http://imgur.com/a/NvhsB
    After Clicking “Verify” For the YouTube Subscription Tasks, Please Reload the Page Again.

    Please Note – You May Need to Click the YouTube Subscription Link as Referenced Above and Click “Verify” Again

    1. thank you for this site if not for this site id not be able to game i am on a very fixed budget and thanks to this site i am able to get some fun games and cards that i can sell to get more games ;-; i just love you so much *runs away crying* im not crying im a manly man

  2. FATAL LA VERDAD la pagina se cae a cada rato y sinceramente no merece la pena estar 3 o 4 horas intentando entrar para ninguno de los titulos que despues se consiguen -.- mejorad las paginas para que sea mas rapido para todos.

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