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This Game is Developed by Latinas Tomatos and is a Multiplayer and Local Multiplayer Indie Action, Adventure Title That Features Steam Trading Cards, 12 Unique Characters, 40+ Different Maps, 5 Dynamic Game Modes, and More! Try it Out, Who Knows, This Could Be a Game That You Put Into Your Favorite Games of All Time List! Happy Gaming!


Discussion 16

        1. Try Going to the VK.com Site Itself and See if You Can Login. If I Remember Correctly, When You Sign Up, They Send You a Confirmation Code Via Text Message. Also if You Cannot Login, Try Signing Up Again.

          1. Not a Bad Idea. Or Maybe Do it the Way Steam Does When Posting a URL Link in Group Announcements and/ or Forums and Make the Image Itself Clickable/ Linked to the Store Home Page.

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