Amaterasu Software Presents – 50,000 Random Steam Key Giveaway Discussion: 51

    1. Check Out My Notes of Possible Problems and Solutions I Posted Below, Thanks! And Also Try to Keep The Vulgarity to a Minimum, We Have Children That Use the Site, Be Respectful and Considerate 🙂

  1. Instructions (Problems & Solutions):

    Clear Browser Cookies to Avoid Duplicate Keys!
    If the Key Does Duplicate, Try Refreshing the Page.

    Make Sure You Sign Into Your Gmail Account First!

    Problem: Error establishing a database connection
    Solution: Click Reload Twice Fast

    Problem: 0 KEY
    Solution: Click Claim Again

    Problem: Something’s wrong. Please contact web admin or try again later.
    Solution: Reload the Page and/or Click the Task Link Again

    You Tube Subscription Tasks: View –>
    After Clicking “Verify” For the YouTube Subscription Tasks, Please Reload the Page Again.

    Please Note – You May Need to Click the YouTube Subscription Link as Referenced Above and Click “Verify” Again

    1. Please Be Patient With it and Try Again Later. Sometimes it is Extra Slow, or Does Not Load Up at All and Causes the Error. Just Try Again Later is All You Can Do. Thanks.

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