Brawl of Ages Loot Pack Giveaway


Brawl of Ages Loot Giveaway

This game is available via Steam, but please note you must redeem this key in-game.  Not on Steam!


  • Install and launch the game via Steam, In the upper left hand corner of the game client, just under the user's name - click the "View Profile" button.    
  • In the header of the profile window click the "Redeem Code" button    
  • Enter the code into the text box and click the "Submit" button

Each loot pack contains 250 Gems, 2 Silver "Big Brawls Board" spins, and 1 Red/White/Blue Vermillion Skin!


Brawl of Ages Loot Pack Giveaway Discussion: 16

    1. This Code is an In-game DLC Redemption Code. If You are New to the Game, You Need to Enter Your Name First Then Go to “View Profile’ and Then Click “Redeem Code”. Also Make Sure to Watch the Space in Either the Front or Back of the Code.

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