Cataegis : The White Wind Discussion: 32

    1. I Do Not Have Any Keys for This Game. I Do the Giveaways Like Everyone Else and Get Only One Copy for Myself. I Personally Do Not Host, Nor the Site, Host These Giveaways, Sorry.

  1. Oops! Something is wrong
    In order to participate to these free giveaways, you need to set your Steam profile to public and be part of the Indiegala Steam Group. Please try again once these conditions have been met. Thank you.
    Follow us on our social pages to get notified when new Steam giveaways are available. Thank you!
    WTF ?

  2. Instructions:

    1. Make sure your Steam Profile is Public!
    2. Join the IndieGala Main Steam Group
    3. Make sure you log into (or register) your IndieGala Account and Connect your Steam Profile.
    4. Go to the Giveaway and Subscribe to the IndieGala youtube channel.
    5. After tasks are finished follow the next step to find your redemption key!

    The key gets sent within IndieGala website: Account< My Libraries< Bundles Library< IndieGala Giveaways.

    Enjoy! 🙂

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