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Info about tasks:

If you come across an Gamehag task, then click on ''Click here for instructions'' button to see the instructions 


Look here:

''In order to complete this task click on the ''Do Task'' button to create an account, after you created your account it's time to earn souls ( virtual currency ) by completing fun tasks such as interacting with the community, playing PC games, answering simple questions, watching videos and a lot more to get free Steam Wallet cards and other gift cards! After you discovered the site a bit and had some fun then copy your username on that site in the box below to verify this task.''

If you need any help you can contact us at Discord ( link here ).

Important:  You can provide feedback at our Discord. We only deliver support at Discord.

PS: 90% of the support requests we are receiving on Discord or e-mail are from people that either didn't read the description of the giveaway or missed 1 or even more tasks, so people please do double-double check first.

Discussion 20

    1. You do realise that “random” doesnt mean “random game from all games in the word” just random key from from 2-3 games they have (in case of MarvelousGA it will be most likely Space Beret or Unforgiving Trials).
      If you want free cs go find streamer who makes gifts (most of them just give away skins, but who knows, maybee you’ll find one that gives away game) – you have small chances you’ll win it there.
      But you definietly won’t find it on cheap mass giveaway like this.
      If you really want this game, your best option is to save some money and wait till next sale (or look for cheaper key on other game store/ebay/etc). 5-7 $ is not so much.

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