Crusaders of the Lost Idols – Jeweled Chest Giveaway


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This In-game Code is to Obtain 1 Jeweled Chest. Each Jeweled Chest Contains Five Cards, of Which Two are Guaranteed to be Loot (at least one of which will be rare or better). The Cards are Buffs for Game Play, Plus Gear and Upgrades for Your Crusaders.

Developed by Codename Entertainment Inc., This Title Features Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and is Only Playable in Single-player Mode. In Crusaders of the Lost Idols You Create a Band of Fighters to Fight Monsters, Earn Gold, and Create Strategies for Perfect Formations Over Multiple Campaigns! Upgrade Your Heroes, Collect Unique Gear, and Unlock New Crusaders in Regular New Events. Happy Gaming!


  1. Go to the In-game Shop
  2. Enter the Free Jeweled Chest Code
  3. Receive Your Jeweled Chest(s)!
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Crusaders of the Lost Idols – Jeweled Chest Giveaway Discussion: 6

        1. Are You Sure? I Opened One Big Jeweled Chest Which Appears at the Top and Then I Got 6 Smaller Chests Which Appeared at the Bottom Below the Larger Chest. Ok, I Figured it Out. The Other 5 Chests I Got are From Installing the Epic Starter Pack, lol.

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