Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Closed Beta)


Sign up for a chance to join the closed beta event.


1. Sign up for the beta with your email.

2. Confirm your email and receive a link  (not a key) to the beta-version.

3. Play the beta and complete the survey afterwards.

4. Closed beta access is 100% guaranteed for the ones that left their e-mails at subscription section and confirmed them.


Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Closed Beta) Discussion: 5

  1. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be fine:

    1st RULE: Do not talk about the CLUB.
    2nd RULE: DO NOT talk about the CLUB.
    3rd RULE: Do not feed the MONKEYS.
    4th RULE: Do add the game to your Wishlist.
    5th RULE: Do follow the game on Steam.
    Violating these rules may lead to immediate expulsion.

    See you,
    The Primate Observation Club

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