Dropzone – Exclusive Alienware Pack DLC Key Giveaway


Giveaway Hosted by Alienware Arena. 

Please Note - This is an In-game DLC Activation Key and You Must Have the Free to Play Base Game Installed. Click Here to Install the Free to Play Base Game!

Developed by Sparkypants Studios LLC. Dropzone is a Game of Action, Strategy, and Skill. Win 15 Minute Battles by Scoring Points. Unlock Gear, Customize Your Squad of up to 3 Units and Compete in Team 3v3, 2v2 or 1v1 Matches. Happy Gaming!

To Redeem Your Code: While in Game, Click the Gold Coin Top Right on Your Screen and Then Click "Redeem Code".

Included in the Alienware Pack are:

  • A Custom Alienware In-game Vision Tower
  • 5,000 Jovians
  • 15 Gear Crates

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