Enter to Win One of the 25.000 Cube Destroyer Copies!


It's your chance now! Enter to this Raffle and get a Free Key with high chances! This raffle hosted by a SteamGifts user, named "ilyakraft", who is also the developer of the game!

Note: This game comes with Trading Cards!


In order to enter to this raffle, you must sing in with your Steam Account. 

Every single user starts with 300P, witch can be used to enter raffles like this. 

This giveaway only uses 3P, so you don't have to worry. 

Simply just click on the "Enter Giveaway" button, and you're in!

Then you just have to wait, until the raffle ends! I hope you'll be among the lucky ones!


Warning!: Users sign-in using their Steam account, and they require your account to be valued at $100 or greater. Games that have been accessible through bundles, or games that were once available for free due to promotions or pricing errors are not included in this calculation. They have this requirement in place to prevent users from registering multiple accounts.


Enter to Win One of the 25.000 Cube Destroyer Copies! Discussion: 6

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