Eternal Winter: Steam Key Raffle x63 Copies


Raffle Giveaway Hosted by Indie DB.

Developed by Claudio Norori , Antonio Vargas, and Martin Norori, This Title is Playable in Single-player, Co-op, and Onlin Co-op. This is a Game Where You Take the Role of a Chief. Lead Your Village and Explore a Huge Island Full of Wildlife in This Open World, Survival Adventure. Build, Hunt, and Gather Resources in Order to Survive. You Will Also Need to Maintain a Healthy Balance in the Ecosystem, Do Not Over Hunt or Else the Delicate Ecosystem Will Begin to Collapse. Can You Survive This Harsh Climate? Happy Gaming and Good Luck!


Discussion 10

    1. If you are a winner of this raffle, you will receive a Steam key on your Indie DB profile of this game. This is not a beta or alpha game, so you are gonna have it in your Steam account forever. Although, you must first win the raffle

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