Euro Truck Simulator Mega Collection for Only $12.99!

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Sale Hosted by HRK Games.

Developed by SCS Software, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Trucks & Trailers Feature Steam Achievements. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Also Features Steam Trading Cards. All These Titles are Only Playable in Single-player Mode and Has Partial Controller Support. Here are Games That are Open World Driving Simulators Where You Play as a Truck Driver. With This Purchase You Also Get a Bonus Indie Game for Free! Happy Gaming!

This Package Includes the Following Titles:


Euro Truck Simulator Mega Collection for Only $12.99! Discussion: 7

    1. The Two Bundles are Different. Steam’s Has American Truck Simulator, Although This Particular Bundle Features: Truck & Trailors and Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Going East! (DLC). Steam’s Version Does Not. Some Other DLC’s are Different Also, But the Other 3 Games are the Same. It is Actually a Good Deal, Like You Said 81% Savings and the Games are Well Reviewed Plus a Free Random Indie Game is Included. 🙂

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