Forge of Gods: Team of Justice Pack


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Developed by Panoramik Inc, This Title Features Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards are Only Unlocked Through Steam Store DLC Purchases or In-game Purchases $9 for Each Card to Be Unlocked. This Game is a Multi-player MMO Which is a Strategy RPG Where You Collect and Train as Many Monsters as You Can to Assemble the Greatest Team and Burst Through Hordes of Enemies in This Thrilling, Addictive, and Fast Paced Adventure! Happy Gaming!

This Pack Includes the Following Items and Creatures:

  • 400 Gems. Use Them to Dummon New Creatures, Expand Your Army, or Purchase Items.
  • Academy Apprentice - Incredibly Powerful Creature With Max 7 stars. 
  • Academy Apprentice and Shadow Walker - Incredibly Powerful Creature With Max 7 Stars.
  • Fearless Fighters: Budding Recruit, Warrior of Light, Young Healer

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