Free Game (Multiple Games)


Greenman gaming has a big free game giveaway, this time it's open to non-VIP members as well.


  1. Register or log in to your greenmangaming account.
  2. Get your 100% off voucher code
  3. Complete the checkout process for one of the games and apply your 100% off coupon to get the steam key for free.

Free Game (Multiple Games) Discussion: 16

  1. Thank You 🙂 Worked for me.

    It the verification email doesn’t receive, click to the ‘resend it’ button/message. The second mail is received for me. I not really understood why wanted they system verify me because my account is not new, and I ordered a game before.. but OK. 🙂

    1. You probably entered an invalid physical address. From what I can tell, there’s no way to fix that without contacting support, and being it’s late on a friday night, you likely won’t hear back from them for 2-3 days, long after the giveaway has passed.

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