Free Lines Steam Key!


We just launched our Halloween event at Marvelous and you can win everyday a free Random Steam Key by finding Hidden Pumpkins!

Today we are testing the new feature with DLC keys for Forge of Gods, so if you get a Steam Key by getting picked by the system then don't worry if it says you dont have the base game yet.

Today it will be a DLC Steam Key for the Free 2 Play game Forge of Gods, install the base game and you will be able to activate the DLC Steam Key!

Any feedback can be posted at our Discord so we can keep improving the new system!

Enjoy Halloween! Stay Marvelous!

More info can be found here:

>>>Win a free Random AAA Game Key HERE<<<

>>> Free Alien Isolation Steam Key Giveaway! <<<

If you want to support us MarvelousGA then you can do that now for FREE!

>> Support us on Thunderclap by simply sharing a message on your social media <<

We are looking forward to this new journey that you will be part of, we love feedback so don't hestitate to contact us on Discord 🙂

You can claim more FREE STEAM KEYS and other Rewards by clicking at one of the links below:


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