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FREE Which Way Out Steam Key! Discussion: 20

  1. SO, instant win, lets give it a try: entering website, allowing java scripts, disabling adblock and 2nd adblock (i kind of hate ads in internet) REISTERING to this trashy website without any term of registers or any rules via register, just giving away my email for nothing…ALL that to see THERE is 20+ TASKS in Your “INSTANT WIN” marvelous u such a sluty website :D, BTW your server are lagging impossibly hard, guys dont fall on this trap

      1. You are just an a kisser who writes “+rep” under every post you see. And now you insult people too. Always nice to see someone revealing their true personality. But it is understandeble you are so buthurt because I am always telling the truth and that will surely bother some people like you.

          1. Actually I never literally write “hate” under any of the posts here including marveloustrash posts. I just state the facts and for some reason you can’t handle it. And about your other comment I would like to you ask you but answer honsetly: Do you even play the games you get from marveloustrash? I think the answer of that question is enough explaining. And finally AAA key giveaway is not impossible nor ridicilous. It’s completely doable. Not my problem if marveloustrash fails to do it.

      2. Stop crying Rizk…this is why we need to STOP let the kids COMMENT on the intetnet…
        He/she was only giving his/her opinion, and i didnt seen anything wrong with the coment.

        You are just a fanboy, stop cry and let people comment what they want, its not they are hurting you with their comment, are they?

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