Galactic Civilizations® – Ultimate Edition


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Game Details:

Galactic Civilizations is a Space Based Strategy Game in Which You are in Control of Humanity's Destiny. Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition Combines the Award-winning Galactic Civilizations With the "Altarian Prophecy" Expansion Pack to Create a Stellar Adventure. This Title is a Single-player Only Game. Which Way Shall You Lead Humanities Ultimate Destiny? Happy Gaming!

While You are at Humble Bundle, Pick Up the Intergalactic Bundle Package (Retail Price: $210 for Only $15) or Check Out the Sales. Remember You Can Choose How Much Money the Developers Receive, the Amount of Money the Charities Will Receive, and How Much You Want to Tip Humble Bundle. The Choice is Yours! Also Remember, With Every Humble Store Purchase, 5% Goes to the Charity of Your Choice, and Another 5% Goes to That Charity or Your Own Humble Wallet! Happy Easter!


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