Heavy Metal Machines Plus Exclusive DLC’s


Giveaway Hosted by Nuuvem.

Developed by Hoplon, This Title Features Multi-player, Online Multi-player, and Co-op Modes. The DLC is an Exclusive, Non-Steam Store DLC Presented by Nuuvem. Heavy Metal Machines is a Unique Multiplayer Car Battle MOBA With Merciless Explosions, Weapons Beyond Imagination, and an Endless Set of Customization. If You Like Combat Racing Games, Look No Further and Give it a Shot! Happy Gaming!

This Exclusive DLC Contains the Following Items:

  • 3 Pilots (Little Monster, Metal Herald, and Wildfire)
  • Original and Veteran (Exclusive for Beta Players) Skins

**Please Note - This Offer is Not Available in the Following Regions: South America, Europe, and United Kingdom**

***Alternately, You May Go to This Giveaway on Alienware Arena (Available for ARP Member Level 2+ Only): Click Here for the Alienware Arena Giveaway!


Heavy Metal Machines Plus Exclusive DLC’s Discussion: 26

        1. I Believe the First Key They Give You is a Beta Key Which Would Give You the Beta Game Plus the Skins, and the Second Key Contains the Pilots. If You Already Installed the Free to Play Game, Then You Cannot Get the Beta Skins (unless you remove the game from your library). If This is the Case, You Can Also Check to See Which Version You Have Installed by Going (within the Steam Client) to: Steam< Settings< View Account Details< < Help< Support< Search Heavy Metal Machines. This Will Tell You the Game License Version and if Steam Library Removal is Available.

    1. Well I Got This Many Months Ago, So I Really Could Not Remember What Was in it. Thanks Though. There Also Have Been Reports of the First Key Being the Beta Key for the Game, But I Cannot Confirm, or Deny This.

      1. I can confirm it is available for Argentina
        Guayana Francesa
        Islas Georgia del Sur y Sandwich del Sur
        Islas Malvinas

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