Humble Very Positive Bundle


Bundle Deal Offered by Humble Bundle.

Sale Ends: 5/15/2017 at 11am (pst)

Humble Bundle Presents the Humble Very Positive Bundle! This Offer is Available in 3 Stages: First 3 Games Pay $1, Next 3 Games (plus the first 3 games) Beat the Average of Around $6, Get All 8 Games For $10. There Are Also Some Bonuses When You Purchase the First Two Bundle Tiers. Remember You May Choose Where Your Money Goes (Humble Bundle Tip, Developers, and Charity of Your Choice). Happy Gaming!

List of Games According to Tier:

Pay What You Want ($1 Minimum)

Retail Price $44.97

Beat the Average ($6+)

Retail Price $84.94

Pay $10+ (minimum $10)

Retail Price $129.92


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