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Developed by ReverseImpact, This Title Features Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Steam Workshop. This Game is Only Playable in Single-player Mode. InfiniPicross is a Picross Game, a Family of Games Based on Solving Grid Puzzles Through Hints and Logical Deduction. It Can Also Be Played With Various Themes, Whether Taken From the Numerous Default Ones or Created With the In-game Theme Editor. Happy Gaming!

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Discussion 24

      1. If You Get to the End After All Tasks are Finished and the Steam Groups Verified, if You Have to Reload the Page, Make Sure to Click “Continue” in the Box That Appears. It Says Something About Re-sends Information and Having to Start Over, But This is False. Just Click Continue and it Should Work.

    1. Click the Green “GET GIVEAWAY” Button at the Top of This Page and Complete Each Task. The Steam Group Tasks You Need to Click “Verify”. You Will Then Receive Your Free Steam Key for InfiniPicross. 🙂

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