Loot Hero DX Steam Key Giveaway


Whosgamingnow is giving away Steam keys for the game Loot Hero DX. Just follow the steps and grab your Steam game for free!


Discussion 11

  1. Dont work for me… Is telling me all time this:
    Sorry, you need to be a member of the required Steam groups to enter.

    Make sure you have a public Steam profile, join it and try again in 10 minutes.

    1. I Used Chrome to Do This Giveaway. Leave All the Groups Except “Who’s Gaming Now”. Then Clear All Cookies and Cache. Perhaps Also Disable Ad Block (if you use it). Also Make Sure Your Steam Profile is Set to Public. When You Retry, Log Into “Who’s Gaming Now” First, Then Try the Giveaway. This Has Happened to Me Before, and I Believe it was Because I Wasn’t in WGN First. Hope it Works! 🙂

        1. That is the Way I Did it, So it Registers you Joining. I am Already in WGN and That is My Guess. Another Guess Would Be That WGN Tracks IP Perhaps, and Like Orlygift They Do a “Check” on Steam Accounts. Now if You Have Been Using WGN for awhile, This Could Be a Bug. Like I Said, it Happened awhile Ago to Me When I Was Not in the WGN Steam Group and it Was My First Time Joining. You Can Always Ask in Their Steam Group Why it is Happening, So You are Certain.

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