Loot Hero DX + Soundtrack


Steam Giveaway hosted by Dupedornot! Grab a free Steam key for Loot Hero now!

This game contains Steam trading cards and Steam achievements!

A legendary Dragon is haunting the lands. Towns are set ablaze, and its magic power resurrects the evil creatures of the world. A hero is needed to travel to the corners of the lands and slay the beast to restore peace.


Discussion 21

    1. The keys that I claimed at MarvelousGA are still working. Actually, I’ve never had problems with Keys on that site, they just give the same poor games and you need to do a lot of tasks to get them.

      1. I think he wanted to say that all keys from MarvelousGA are reused in that 2nd giveaway.
        If you added game to your Steam account then you’ll have it and person that will win your key will get duplicate, but if you didnt use this key (eg you saved it so you can add it later or give it to a friend) somebody else will get it and your key will became dupe.

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