Marvelous Weekly #4 Discussion: 25

  1. esto es una manera idiota de engancharte para que te gastes el dinero en creditos , ha dejado de ser una de las mejores paginas de key game indie. Para que te gastes el dinero en juegos repetidos , que os den pomada. THX

      1. There’s a “Need More Help” button in Marvlousga Page.
        I just post it here:
        If you are new then sign up using the ”Do Task” button below

        In your mail confirmation mail you will be getting a verification code, paste that code below OR if you don’t want that or if you are not able to then you have to earn 750 points at PointsPrizes instead to get a verification code.

        If you already have an account on PointsPrizes then you can find your third party verification code inside the settings panel of your PointsPrizes account.

        Either way, paste the verification code below so we can verify if you did complete the task.
        Don’t use fake email as you need a verified email address.

  2. Point prizes never worked and if not remove i will give up with marvelous so should this page untill they fix.
    Or tell us how.
    Im not noob and know is not my fail simply a bad not working good choice from marvelous.

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