Overlord™ – Steam Key Giveaway Discussion: 36

    1. Unless They Changed it, You Had to Wait For the Confirmation Email to Get a Link to Obtain the Steam Key. It Did Not Show Up in Account< Orders< Download Page "View" Until After You Claimed the Link. But I Got Mine Last Night.

  1. took like 5 hours but key arrived please remember to check junk mail and trash if your mail auto clears altho i had no problem with getting my key just a long wait 🙂

                1. There Could Be a Good Reason. I Don’t Block Everyone, But When I Do, There is a Good Reason For it. VAC Ban or Game Bans Will Put You There Instantly.

  2. Thank you for your order!
    Order number ———- has been processed. Free

    An email confirmation will be sent to ———————@gmail.com.

    If there is a digital item in your order, please follow the steps in your order confirmation email for download and activation instructions.

    Codemasters and Scalefast Inc, its authorized reseller, wish to thank you for your purchase.

    1. This One is Easy. Sign Up Using Facebook and Check Out. A Steam Key Confirmation Email Will Be Sent to You.

  3. A Few Things to Mention Here: You MUST Sign Up Using Facebook. The Email Confirmation After Checkout May Take Up to 1 Hour so Please Be Patient. The Site May Also Fail Due to Heavy Traffic, Thanks!

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