{Restocked} Paladins® Champions – Evie and Her Full Conjuration Skin Set


Giveaway Hosted by Massively OP and Sponsored by Hi-Rez Studios.

Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, This Title Features Steam Achievements and In-app Purchases for Steam Trading Cards. This Game is Playable in Multi-player and Online Multi-player Modes and Has Partial Controller Support. Paladins® is a Team Based, Fantasy Shooter With Strategy Elements and Deep Character Customization. This Game Offers 24 Playable Champions. Through a Unique Collectible Card System, Players Can Amplify and Augment a Character’s Core Set of Abilities to Play Exactly How They Want to Play. Come Join in on the Fun and Excitement!

This In-game DLC is to Unlock Champion - Evie as Well as Her Full Conjuration Skin Set, Consisting of a Head, Body, and Weapon Skin. Happy Gaming!

Important Instructions: Keys Must Be Redeemed In-game, Not via Steam "Add a Game" Option.

  1. Install and Launch the Paladins Free to Play Base Game
  2. Log in Using Your Account Credentials, or Register if You are New.
  3. From the In-game Home Screen, After Making a Character. This is Not in the Game Lobby, Click STORE Then ACCOUNT, and Then Click REDEEM CODE.
  4. Correctly Enter in Your Code in Order to Activate the Content.

***Special Thanks to Extasyy 1988 for Finding a Much Better Giveaway Host and Link!***


{Restocked} Paladins® Champions – Evie and Her Full Conjuration Skin Set Discussion: 13

    1. “Update: Hi-Rez has discovered that the original keys will unlock just Evie’s outfit, not Evie too as intended. We now have a batch of Evie-only keys tucked down below as well, so if you don’t have Evie, grab one of those!”

      Same happened with Bomb King. But, as I didn’t notice, I spend my gold on him :T

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