A giveaway by IndieGala

Pressure. An Indie game developed by Paul Marrable, and published by KISS ltd. Brings you an addictive puzzle-solving game complete with: Steam Trading Cards, Badges, and Achievements! Play your way through the glasses of Nicholas Gordon to uncover an interesting dark story of the game event!

Instructions to get the key:

1. Simply Login to IndieGala, or if you don't have an account yet Register a new one

2. Search for  "Pressured" with a "Mass Giveaway" tag, Click the "X"(Close button) and Click "Claim Giveaway

3. Check your "My Libraries" by clicking the e-mail

4. Check "Bundles Library" and click "Indiegala Giveaway"

5. Press the game that you want to claim (Pressured) and Press the Steam Logo

Pressured Discussion: 1

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