PSA: The Spam And Begging On The Website


PSA: The Spam And Begging On The Website

Recently, there have been so much spam and begging on our website to the point where we have to talk about this.

Some of you guys don’t appear to understand this yet, but we are not the people who host the giveaways! We are only the provider of them, and we post them out to you so you can get alerted. We can not give out more gamekeys, as we aren’t the host.

Mostly in our Random Steam Game/Key alerts we have been having an insane amount of begging and spamming of people asking for free gamekeys sent to their facebook, twitter, email, etc. I, Empire, and the rest of the crew have been deleting all of the comments that have met with spamming and begging. But even with the deletion of many comments, almost 200 in a matter of a few days, you guys still post them. They are most likey the same people too!

Upon this, we have decided to do more than just delete comments. In a few weeks, when we get more members/users on our website, we will make comments user-only. So if you want to beg, you would have to create a user. But if you were a user and you still beg, there is a way to ban you from commenting. We hope that it will make sure that beggers would stay away from begging here.

Empire, Bluey, and more πŸ™‚

Extra Thanks to Titoncio and a bunch of guests!

PSA: The Spam And Begging On The Website Discussion: 36

  1. I’m a fairly new registered person. I haven’t been checking out the site much, but I had noticed it pretty quickly 😐
    It’s one thing to ask nicely and if things are good it works out for ya, and quite another to be bratty and/or spammy in an attempt to anger people into giving a key just to shut you up.
    So *thumbs up* Hope it makes things go a bit smoother. Peace. πŸ™‚

  2. Some people are freaking dumb. You guys do an AWESOME work, I follow you everyday, multiple times at day. I love you and you are great.
    Please keep doing your best!

      1. There have been problems with steam and the website, so we can’t do it. Maybe some other time. πŸ˜›
        For the mean time, you can create an account OR you can sign in with twitter or facebook! πŸ˜€

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