Free Random Steam Keys 3.0 Discussion: 273

        1. It Was Your Screen Name Change and the Way You Spoke to Me. I Very Much Disliked It. I Personally Do Not Accept People at Random Anyways. Good Luck To You! 🙂

    1. Por favor. Esta página simplemente te informa sobre entregas masivas de códigos de Steam, vengan del sitio web que vengan. Aquí nadie va a darte el código de un juego de las características de CS:GO, ya que por lo general, en la web se regalan juegos Indie que obviamente no tienen el mismo desarrollo que los títulos de Valve por ejemplo.
      No te comportes como un niño rata en internet pidiendo todo gratis, haz como toda la gente normal, junta dinero o pide a Mamá y Papá para que puedan comprarte tu CS:GO.
      Espero no verte comentar esta mierda de nuevo

    1. Getting Keys is Simple. Just Follow Each Tasks Instructions and Make Sure Your Steam Profile is Public for the Tasks That Ask You to Join Groups. Also, Please Refrain From Spamming the Posts and Asking for Specific Stuff for Free. Every Post Offers a Free Game, Thanks! 🙂

  1. listen this is a bunch of shit!! I did everything to get that key and they never send me anything! why are you guys so fucking selfish? there is nothing wrong with helping people

    1. What Are You Talking About? No One Here Has Done Nothing Wrong. Calm Down and Handle Your Problem With the Store You Purchased Your Key From. It Was Not Anyone Here, So Please Don’t Vent at Us, Thanks!

    1. A Few Things to Check, Make Sure Your Steam Profile is Public. And Also Make Sure You Let the “Visit Here” Sites Completely Load Up, and Vote on the Steam Greenlight Game. Hope This Helps! 🙂

  2. hey what’s up guys. I bought total war shogun 2 fall of the samurai at a second hand shop today. but I need a steam code as the one that came with the game has obviously been used already. ive been searching my face off for hours now.

    Please could someone help.

            1. Do Not Buy Games That Are Used. PC Games Are Not Like Console Games. I Am Sorry The Store Ripped You Off, But You Should Really Buy Online Steam Keys or Brand New CD Games at a Store.

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