Escape This -OR- Rescue your chickens


Giveaway Hosted by Marvelousga.

Both Games Feature Single-player Only Mode and Steam Trading Cards. Escape This, Also Features Steam Achievements. Happy Gaming!

Discussion 25

  1. Rex network, this is what they do to get their referrals from people. I got Escape this as well. They have given themselves a bad name You cant hide anything thing from the internet. It is archived forever

      1. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site and lootxp as I have gained from both sites. I can see your point but, as per your example adding 500 games people want to 70,000 games people don’t want is a terrible way to run a giveaway. Don’t even get me started on their Mystery key and Random key giveaways. Rex has a terrible track record and have been exiled from multiple sites ie: you post their giveaways you will be banned. They have been proven to be shady and they continue the same practices. Will I stop using them? No but, I have had their referral Ids blacklisted because from what I can tell they don’t use it to provide better giveaways.

    1. No one will exchange his “Rescue Your Chicken” key, because all the people here have “Escape This” on our Steam acounts. DonΒ΄t be stupid on the internet

        1. @julysniper
          You Really Cannot Assume That. For All We Know There Could Be Only 500 Copies of “Rescue your chicken” Out of 70,000. I Was Actually Commenting on These Members Temperaments and Why They Should Just Drop the Matter Before it Turns Into a Fight.

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