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Developed by Itanimulli Games, This Title Features Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards and is Only Playable in Single-player Mode. SAMOLIOTIK is a Stylish Casual, Action, Shoot-em-up Game With Different Enemies, Bosses, Power-ups, and is Set in Different Eras. Can You Defeat the Illuminati and Restore Peace? Happy Gaming!


SAMOLIOTIK Discussion: 11

      1. If Your Account is Limited, There is Not Much That You Can Do Honestly. Perhaps Someone Will Drop a Key For You.

                1. Oh i have a limited acc :/

                  That is cuz im doing in on my alt acc cuz im scared my normal acc will get hacked :/

                  Nvm thx for help 😀

                  Im gonna buy a game now for 5 USD

                  1. We Would Not Post Hacking/ Phishing Websites, We Take That VERY Seriously.
                    If You Ever Need to Check Your Account Credentials, Just Add ?xml=1 at the End of the Steam Community Profile URL of the Account You Want to Check. 🙂

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