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Developed by Itanimulli Games, This Title Features Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards and is Only Playable in Single-player Mode. SAMOLIOTIK is a Stylish Casual, Action, Shoot-em-up Game With Different Enemies, Bosses, Power-ups, and is Set in Different Eras. Can You Defeat the Illuminati and Restore Peace? Happy Gaming!


Discussion 11

      1. If Your Account is Limited, There is Not Much That You Can Do Honestly. Perhaps Someone Will Drop a Key For You.

                1. Oh i have a limited acc :/

                  That is cuz im doing in on my alt acc cuz im scared my normal acc will get hacked :/

                  Nvm thx for help 😀

                  Im gonna buy a game now for 5 USD

                  1. We Would Not Post Hacking/ Phishing Websites, We Take That VERY Seriously.
                    If You Ever Need to Check Your Account Credentials, Just Add ?xml=1 at the End of the Steam Community Profile URL of the Account You Want to Check. 🙂

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