Steamgifts x2000 Steam Key Raffle – Crash Force®


Raffle Giveaway Hosted by Ascanio Entertainment via Steamgifts.

Developed by Ascanio Entertainment, This Title is an Online Arena Multi-Player Game With RPG and Racing Elements. It Features Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Full Controller Support. Use Different Weapons, Abilities, and Build Up Your Skill Tree to Annihilate Your Competition in Order to Achieve the Ultimate Victory! Happy Gaming!

This Raffle is Open to Everyone at All Member Levels.


Steamgifts x2000 Steam Key Raffle – Crash Force® Discussion: 21

    1. The Site is Fine, You Also Need to Meet the Minimum Requirements to Join. I Posted a List Below the Games That Do Not Count Towards Your Steam Value. Thanks.

        1. Many Developers and Publishers Use Steamgifts for Raffles (and Giveaways) to Help Weed Out Bots and People With Multiple Accounts From Entering. It Keeps it Fair to Everyone.

            1. It Keeps it Fair to People, So That People Cannot Make New Steam Accounts Just to Gain More Entries. But They Should Include All Games and Not Discount Bundled Games. I Guess if They Didn’t Count Current Giveaway Games (like they do when posting giveaways) That Would Also Be Best. But They Make Their Own Rules Not Us.

  1. Steamgifts doesn’t let you join if your account doesn’t have 100$ worth of games (doesnt even count all games).
    It says account worth 80$ even after i got a 40euro game and more it says the same.

    1. The Main Problem With Steamgifts is That it Only Counts the Value of Games That You Can Post in Their Giveaways. So Some Games are Not Counted Because Steamgifts Has a Very Restrictive List. The Good Thing About Steamgifts is That They are Very Strict, So Reselling and Not Activating Keys, Also Not Leaving Feedback of a Received Key, are Highly Disallowed. A lot of Developers and Publishers Use Steamgifts to Host Giveaways Because of the Main Reason of Bots Taking Keys, People With Multiple Accounts, VPN’s, etc… Although I Do Agree That They Need to Include All Games That You Can Buy on Steam, But They Also Watch the Mass Giveaways So Those Games are Not Allowed to Post on Their Site and Are Not Counted Towards Account Totals.

    1. Steamgifts is a Good Site. Albeit Very Strict to Weed Out Multiple Account Holders and Bots, But it is a Good Site Nonetheless. And if You are Talking About, I Would Say That This is Also a Good Site, the Best for Free Steam Key Giveaways, Deals, and Competitions.

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