SuperHot x50 Copies (Raffle)


Hope That Everyone Can Take a Key,  GL  πŸ™‚


Discussion 62

      1. I am Going to Ask Please Only Submit x50 or More Steam Key Raffles From Trusted Sources (i.e. BundleStars, CubicBundle, Developers, Publishers, etc…). I Personally Will Not Approve Raffles Under 50 Keys, But I Would Prefer x100 Keys or More. Thanks.

        1. Δ°t’s not that possible to find above 100 Keys that can only by cheap junk games. these aren’t that, so it can under that number aswell, i try my best to find good games and thats more then enough for this good ppls. above or under that number it dosent matter a giveaway is a giveaway

          1. We Have Set the Raffle Limit to a Minimum of 50 Keys Available From Trusted Sources Only (i.e. Publishers, Developers, Distributors, etc…). Thank You. πŸ™‚

            1. really?? thats not fair? and not good for site’s reputation for Example ( its never gonna happen ) but its jsut example: Let we say somebody does GTA 5 giveaway some1 post it 1key. and everyones joins the raffle no matter what, what does matter is the game not the numbers of copies. hope you understand this whole sutation.

              1. We Want to Make it So That People Have a Chance to Win, Not a Chance to Enter and Be Disappointed. Most to All Developers and Publishers Host Giveaways For Hundreds to Thousands of Copies. This is Good So 25% of the People Will Win. With 1 Copy (Usually Hosted by an Unknown Person or Group) is Not as Fair as You Think Because They Can Rig the Contest in Their Favor. Steamgifts Disallows Re-rolling Winners, a Good Rule on Their Behalf.

                  1. We Will Not Approve Posts From Unknown Raffle Hosts (i.e. Regular People Posting Their Own Raffles, Unknown Groups, etc…). Developers, Publishers, Distributors, Affiliates to the Developers and Publishers, Trusted Online Stores, etc… Will Be Approved and Usually These Sources Have Over 50 keys Available in Raffles. πŸ™‚

                    1. Oh I Have Spoken With People That Have Rigid Giveaway Raffles Before, So They Were My Insight for Gleam Raffles and So Forth. They Also Were the One’s to Direct Me to Steamgifts for Strict But Fair Raffles. πŸ™‚

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