Discussion 11

    1. I needed a workaround to get those keys too…
      It’s a bit tricky but it worked and I got all keys.

      1. Open Console on Page with Keys/Games where the first Button should come (Chrome = CTRL-SHIFT-J)

      2. Copy&paste in console and execute:

      GAME-ID-HERE is the 4 or 5 digit number in the link: Click to see example!

      3. Press Blue Button and solve Captcha on next Page

      4. Inspect source code & search for ‘stv=’ and copy your 32 Char ID (it’s all lower case)

      5. Go back to Page from Point 1 refresh Page and Copy&Paste to Console and Execute

      6. Press Blue Button and refresh the following blank Page several Times

      7. Go back to your Page with the Keys and the Key should be displayed… Enjoy!

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