Yellow: The Yellow Artifact Discussion: 47

  1. Revised Giveaway Hosted by GiftyBundle. Please Do NOT Skip Tasks, Complete Them Fully. They are Checking Completions and You Will Be Temporarily Banned on Their Server if You Skip Tasks, Thanks!

  2. I forgot to tell we that on this site there is another key to pick up!
    The game is called Retention, there are still 7040 keys available.
    If not see, go to the left corner> “SECTIONS”> “Distributions”. There it is
    feedback please.

    ~~If some staff add one this game on the site will be grateful.~~

  3. I’ll teach you how to get keys on this site.
    1 ° disable ADBLOCK.
    2nd enter through your steam …
    3rd authorize the site for modifications in VK (Social Network)
    4 ° Enter the link and follow the profile.
    Anyone who doubts will tell me right here.

  4. “Что-то на вашем устройстве блокирует рекламу. Для поддержки сайта нам необходимы деньги, которые мы зарабатываем с помощью рекламы. Пожалуйста, выключите все блокирующие средства и обновите страницу для продолжения работы с сайтом! Спасибо :)”

    I deactivated my adblock and still getting this message 🙁

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