Zombie Boom + Beast Blaster + Cyborg Detonator


Giveaway Hosted by Grab the Games via Gleam. 

Developed by Zonitron Productions, This is a 3 Game Bundle Pack Containing: Zombie Boom, Cyborg Detonator, and Beast Blaster. All Three Titles Feature: Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards. These are Only Available in Single-player Mode. Check Them Out and Perhaps One May Surprise You. Happy Gaming!


Discussion 35

    1. Uninstall, and Permanently Delete All 3 Games From Your Library, Then Use the Code. This Could Fix the Issue.

      To Permanently Remove a Game From Your Steam Library:
      In the Steam Client, Go to: Steam< Settings< View Account Details< Help< Support< Games, Software, etc… Then Serch For the Games. Click on the Game, and Then Click "I want to permanently remove this game from my account".

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