Crash Force® – AlienWare Arena Apology Giveaway


Giveaway Hosted by Alienware Arena.

Developed by Ascanio Entertainment, This Title is an Online Arena Multi-Player Game With RPG and Racing Elements. It Features Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Full Controller Support. Use Different Weapons, Abilities, and Build Up Your Skill Tree to Annihilate Your Competition in Order to Achieve the Ultimate Victory! Happy Gaming!

**Please Note - You Need an ARP Member Level 2+ to Participate in This Giveaway**

***AlienWare Arena Apologizes for People Receiving Duplicate Keys. They Have Sorted it Out and are Encouraging Everyone Who Picked Up a Duplicate Key, to Acquire a New One.***


Discussion 35

    1. You Can Get it Yourself Easily. On AlienWare Arena, It Takes a Short While to Get to ARP Member Level 2. Vote 50 Times in “News” and Have an Avatar Approved. That Will Get You to Member Level 2. 🙂

        1. If You Contacted the Developer on Discord, He May Have a lot of Messages, But Yes, 24 Hours is About Right. As For Alienware Arena Support, They Could Take a Few Days to Respond.

    1. It’s a “Hot” Giveaway. People Were Waiting For it to Go Live it Seems. Also I Believe it Had 1,000 Copies Available and Those Go Fast. I Have Seen 10,000 Claimed in 10 Minutes Before.

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