Are you affiliated with Valve?
No, we have no affiliation with Valve or the Steam platform.

How does this all work? is a community driven gaming website that gathers information about Steam giveaways and other Steam-related offers.

How I can get real-time browser notifications on Future giveaways?
Easy, just click the green rounded button at the bottom left of the site!

Why does it say “Expired” in the giveaway post?
You were too late to get the game key, please try again next time.

Why does it say there are still keys left but the giveaway has already ended?
Please be patient, we aren’t bots who auto-check all posts every second, just wait a little bit and we will change it. You can also help us if you post a comment with feedback.

I dont want to miss any giveaway, what i can do?
You can follow our real-time browser notifications, you can also subscribe to our daily newsletter, and you can also follow us on social media and RSS feed.

I just received my newsletter, why the giveaway is already over?
Unfortunately that situation can happen sometimes, some giveaways are extremely popular and they will finish really fast. In addition to that our newsletter needs several hours to be delivered to everyone. Also some smaller giveaways will finish even before we are able to send our daily newsletter. We only send 1 newsletter daily so if you dont want to miss any giveaway we recommend to use our real-time browser notifications instead.

How do I post on the website?
Register an account, click on the “Submit” button at the top right corner and fill out the needed information.

Why my submission is pending?
If you just start posting, you will have to be patient and wait for moderation. Also please note we usually block all the first posts to protect our community and avoid Spam. If you keep posting and follow all our guidelines your posts will eventually show up in the website.

Why my posts are still not showing up in the website?

There are several reasons to consider, maybe your submissions are not properly filled. Maybe your submissions have too many errors. Maybe we already have the same giveaways posted before. Maybe we just don’t trust the giveaway source link. Or maybe you didn’t post enough to win our trust. If you keep posting and follow all our guidelines your posts will eventually show up in the website.

How I can post Without Moderation?
You just need to keep posting and contributing if you want to win our trust and pass moderation, if your posts have quality your account will be eventually unlocked.

Do I get paid to be a contributor?
No but… Our top official contributors get a small reward every month for their help. However please note just some users get the rare invite to be a official contributor.

How do I become a official contributor on the website?
Its not easy, you have to be a really active member in the community, posting giveaways and comments regularly. Just some users get the rare invite to be a contributor.

I Got Banned, Why?
You probably broken one of our rules. If you feel you have been falsely banned please, contact us.


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