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Todays Simple Giveaway:

Very short and simple way to get 10 steam games from one STEAM KEY!

Take a part, 9000 keys still there

Free 10 Games Steam Pack Discussion: 102

  1. me registro en la comunidad de steam y pongo “verificar” y me dice que debo terminar la tarea osea WTF(?, es el unico paso que me falta, si alguien sabe como solucionarlo (ya sali del grupo y volvi a unirme 7 veces probe invitar amigos y no se que mas hacer jaja)

  2. Did all the requirements and got the key – I checked and I own NONE of the 10 games given away, yet it says that I own them all. Ridiculous. It is either fake or not working, you won’t get anything beneficial from this but you’ll be asked to share, retweet and subscribe to a ton of shit. Nice…

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