Call to Arms


The free version is going to be discontinued, but if you download it now you can keep it forever for FREE!

If you grab it now Call to Arms will not be removed from your library. More info here.


1. You just need to download the game via Steam before the free version is disabled.

2. And yes, the game will not be removed from your library.


Call to Arms Discussion: 12

  1. It’s only yours to keep if you keep it installed.

    “Hello everyone,

    we will discontinue the option to get the free version for Call to Arms next month. If you own the free version, you will still be able to play the game. The free version will not be removed from your library, unless you do so by yourself. If you want the free version, you should hurry and collect it from the store page now. However, once you removed the game from your library, you will not be able to receive the free version in the future anymore.

    All purchase editions remain unaffected.”

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