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Claim a free Random Steam/Game Key in our HUGE ULTIMATE Giveaway! Discussion: 72

    1. have you seen the positive feedbacks? they created those accounts so they can reply to something else than “fuck you”. hope they get banned or something. I’m pretty sure there is not even one steam key. it’s all the fucking itchio virus links

    2. I see one guy who won steam key:

      “Cinnamon says: August 28, 2017 at 11:22 am
      i got odd even, holyshit it’s amazing”

      I’m sure its totally not fake, since its totaly normal that after winning game worth at the moment 50cents you write “holyshit it’s amazing”.
      And its totally not suspicious that Marvelousga responded to him after 4 seconds.
      Yes, that was sarcasm.

      Face the trooth, Marvelousga thinks we are fucking idiots.

  1. Guys i have better idea – just report every steam group they want you to join!

    – On bottom right you have option to leave group and Report Violation.
    – Just click Report Violation’ choose one option (like spam)
    – In description write something like ‘Group linked to Marvelousga, scamers.’

    Maybe if enough people will do that they will learn that its not nice to fuck with ‘their community’

  2. I think it’s time, not only to stop making Marvelous task, but also leave and unsubscribe every group they ever wanted us to join.
    If I knew how to report and ban MGA I would do it.
    No, not because I didn’t get game I wanted, but because when people didn’t want your itchio keys, you just changed title. It’s basically spit into face. MARVELOUSGA THINK WE ALL ARE STUPID LOSERS.

  3. marvelousga (delete this) .com/giveaway.php?id=455&verify3187&verify3188&verify3189&verify3190&verify3191&verify3192&verify3193&verify3194&verify3195&verify3196&verify3197&verify3198&verify3199&verify3100&verify3101&verify3102&verify3103&verify3104&verify3105&verify3106&verify3107&verify3108&verify3109&verify3110&verify3111&verify3112&verify3113&verify3114&verify3115&verify3116&verify3117&verify3118&verify3119&verify3120&verify3200&verify3201&verify3202&verify3203&verify3204&verify3205, there is no steam key they just give you shit

          1. ye your right on last month no one will say it ”thanks” or possitive feedback on marvelous so they manage to create new account and post possitive feedback here that was the worst part i ever see on this site

                1. no steam keys stock last forever, and itchio games is also good, it’s just u havent tried it,some games are even better than steam games, i also have a key collection of itchio, why dont u just start collecting itchio games like steam games, it’s gonna be fun at some point

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