Click and Manage Tycoon (Steam level 5+ required)


Restock! We added 5000 more Steam keys of "Click and Manage Tycoon" to the giveaway on our website for users who had not received it before! We hope you will grab a key today.


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed in your browser to check tasks, Discord account, YouTube account and a Steam account with level 5+. This is restock - you can't get a Steam key if you have received this game before.


Complete all steps to unlock your free Steam key.


Click and Manage Tycoon (Steam level 5+ required) Discussion: 10

  1. @giveaway-su What does it mean? I am NOT a cheater.

    WOW! Looks like you are cheater and used some scripts to fake the completion of the tasks.

    Do you understand how our service works? Do you realize that Steam keys are provided for a completion of several tasks from our sponsors? Sponsors won’t provide Steam keys for giveaways if users won’t complete those small tasks. If users complete all tasks – sponsors are happy, we get more sponsors, you get more Steam keys! It’s a fair deal, right?

    We don’t sell Steam keys – we just give away them to our users. That’s why we don’t have money to give away hundreds of thousands of Steam keys like HumbleBundle or some other big stores. We have to find sponsors. And this is really hard nowadays. But we keep posting at least one giveaway every day.

    We are OKAY about scripts helping you to complete tasks faster. But faking the completion of the tasks IS NOT OKAY.

    You won’t get a key from this giveaway, cheater. Sorry, but if you are going to continue cheating – you will be blocked on our service.

      1. Sure. I just signed into and done ALL of these tasks. Then I solved the captcha and I got this error message. I couldn’t get my key. I am not a cheater. If you want, I can send a screenshot of this error message.

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