Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition


Usually we don't post about games going free, however we got so many comments and emails asking for Counter-Strike...thousands... seriously.

So for all those users, today is your lucky day!?.... kinda... because there is some serious limitations in the free Edition.... Anyway give it a try and let me know in the comments what do you think.


You just need to download via Steam.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition Discussion: 99

  1. CSGO is a great FPS, versing either terrorists or counter terrorists, with a wide range of guns and items cosmetics.Play either with bots,friends, casual or competitve in various game modes on offer, CSGO full version is an absolute edition to your steam library, happy gaming everyone 🙂

  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition indítása
    Free for offline play against bots and spectating matches through GOTV. or
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Full Edition
    Full edition enables access to online content and features, including multiplayer gameplay, official matchmaking, in-game inventories, skill groups, XP, ranks, and other online features.

  3. ohh, i dont know whats “free edition” means, i think that means, we cant ban all bots anyway and our playerbase is trash so You will have “free demo version” and You will be consider as underhuman player…

          1. can’t buy it and im not crying.1- in the country that i live 1$ = 17.83 in my currency 2- im still studying (not working) and don’t have anyway to spend money on the internet 3- my father works as a primary school teacher and my mother works as a nurse there both salary is 224.30$ a month. try to think a bit about other ppl around the world and not only your country thx.

  4. “Free for offline play against bots” I don’t that’s what people have been asking for. You’ll probaly get getting those comments and e-mails until you find a way to give the Full Edition.

    1. idk why ppl are keeps asking for CS:GO i mean why do you think this site can do such thing?! as far as i saw they can only do gleam giveaways to small priced games and show other site’s giveaways. i can’t think of anyone can do such thing except humble bundle which i doubt they will do such thing tell the game is dead.

      1. People keeps asking for CS:GO because it was and apparently still is popular, especially before PUBG. And this site has arranged giveaways around the price of CS:GO before so it’s possible. I think the reason we don’t see CS:GO giveaways is (despite the demands) the thinking: It’s popular so people will just buy it anyways.

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