Defense Of Greece TD Free Steam Keys Giveaway

Expired is giving away free Steam keys for the game Defense Of Greece TD. You just need to login and follow the steps to grab your Steam key!


Discussion 49

    1. It is Confusing, Last Time I Saw the Giveaway it Still Had About 9,000 Keys Left. And Now I Can Re-enter the Giveaway, So IDK What is Going on With Marvelousga. So Yes, This is a Reissued Giveaway it Seems.

    1. All You Need to Do is, Verify the Groups, Complete the Captcha and “Click Get My Key”. If it Still Shows xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Complete the Captcha and Click “Get My Key” Again. After a Few Times it Should Work Only if You Do Not Get the Error Code a Key Will Appear.

    1. Gleam and Simplo are the Best Giveaway Hosts. This New Giveaway Host, Key Champions, Seems Good Also. What Marvelousga Does is Profit From the Giveaways By Using URL Shorteners. This is Their 4th, or 5th, Website They Made btw.

    1. Although it Appears That if You Only See xxxx-xxxx-xxxx After Task Completions, You Cannot Get a Key Due to Some Scripting Flaw. And Now They Have Revised and Fixed That Scripting Flaw, Finally. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Ya, it is a Weird Issue. I Had Another Giveaway From Them That I Got xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Keys After Trying to Claim and Just Completed it. I Verified All Groups Once, and After 3 Attempts Thereafter By Only Doing the Captcha and Clicking “Get My Key” it Actually Worked. So Here is Hoping They Can Squish the Bugs and Possibly Increase Their Resource Margin. Out of the Other Websites They Had, I Will Say at Least This One is an Improvement Over the Others.

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