Drift Horizon Online


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Developed by JDM4iK Games, This Title Features Single-player, Multi-player, and Online Multi-player Modes. Drift Horizon Online is a Drifting Simulation Game With Realistic Physics, Fuel Consumption, Tire Wear, Steering Wheel Support, Optimized Performance, and Much More! Happy Gaming!

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Discussion 47

  1. the key was already at the bottom like i already did everything. the key was for a game that wasnt even supposed to be given away and which i already own. with other words: i didnt get a key

    1. Make Sure You Click “Verify” for the Steam Groups and Let the Pages Load Fully. If a Page Receives an Error, Reload the Page Until it Works to Receive Credit for the Task. You May Also Try Clearing Cache and Cookies if You Have Completed All Tasks. Also, I Would Suggest Using Mobile if All Else Fails.

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