Dungeon of Zolthan


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Developed by Robert Alvarez, This Title Features Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards. This Game is Available in Single-player Mode and Has Partial Controller Support. Dungeon of Zolthan is a Casual, Arcade Style Metroidvania Platformer Where Your Goal is to Defeat Zolthan; a Powerful Mage That Lives Inside the Dungeon. Do You Have What it Takes to Defeat Zolthan? Happy Gaming!


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    1. They don´t get the games, they only know wich sites are giving them. This site simply informs you about it. If you want to get a game, I recommend you buy it, lazy boy

    2. @augusto01234569
      Make Sure Your Steam Profile is Set to Public in Your Steam Profile Settings, Then Click the Green “GET GIVEAWAY” Button at the Top of This Page. Complete Each Task as Stated. 🙂

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