Dying Light: Bad Blood


Get Dying Light: Bad Blood for free! Just follow the instructions!


1. Download Dying Light via Steam (use the free weekend).

2. You must start the game and then exit.

3. Visit the docket site and log in or create an account.

4. Open your Profile page and link your Steam account.

5. A message will inform you that youโ€™re eligible for a free Dying Light: Bad Blood Steam code.

6. If you don't see the message try to refresh the page, if you don't get a code, check your library.

7. Open the link, copy the key and redeem it on Steam.


Dying Light: Bad Blood Discussion: 8

  1. It’s not working. I checked on two different browsers. On Brave and on Firefox. No info appears after I link my Steam profile, even after I refresh page. It says only that it’s linked and no other info. Can somebody confirm that it worked?

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